Relevanzz product

Facebook Custom Audiences
that drive repeat sales

Build customer lists based on what they bought in the past, their stage in the lifecycle, tastes, habits, and more.

Easily integrates with your e-commerce:
Shopify - Woocommerce - Magento

Create advanced audiences at the speed of thought

  • checkEasy-to-use interface
  • checkReal-time feedback on audience sizes
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With Relevanzz, segment customers by:

Products, brands & categories bought in the past
Match your ad creatives with the customer's tastes and preferences. It's the easiest way to create highly relevant campaigns that capture attention and drive engagement.
Stage in the lifecycle
Segment based on parameters like "days since last order" or "number of orders" to separate your active customers from inactive ones and adapt communication strategies accordingly.
Spending habits
With segmentation based on spending habits, you can identify your most valuable customers and treat them like VIPs. Nurture your relationship with customized rewards and offers to win their hearts.
Tags & customer attributes
Tag customers by attributes like "accept email marketing", "acquisition source", or "last coupon used" and make your segmentation possibilities limitless.

"Using Relevanzz we've generated 54% revenue growth from past buyers. And because we have increased our Lifetime Value, we can invest more in acquisition."

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― Alexandra Lopez, Brand Manager & Relevanzz Early Adopter

How it works


Synchronize your e-commerce or website with Relevanzz

Use one of our pre-built integrations with Shopify, Woocommerce or Magento and start in minutes. Alternatively, use our API or website tracking code to send data to Relevanzz. If needed, we’ll work with you to make the integration safe and seamless.

Create customer segments based on your goals

No Excel, no SQL, no nada. You can either create very broad segments or go super-specific with your rules. In any case, we'll give you instant feedback on the segment size so you can make real time decisions.

We synchronize and continuously update your segments with Facebook

We automatically create custom audiences on Facebook and keep them in sync for you. This way, new users meeting the segment conditions will automatically join any campaigns linked with your custom audience.

Get started with one of our pre-built templates

Start your next audience from scratch or with one of our pre-built templates.
  • One-time buyers who purchased top selling product X
    Create hyper-targeted campaigns for non repeating customers who bought one of your top-selling products.
    One-timersPromotionsProduct launchesChurn prevention
  • Repeating customers who stopped buying
    Recover loyal customers who, for some reason, have stopped buying.
    ChurnedRepeatersCustomer recovery
  • Loyal customers of products in category X
    Create targeted campaigns for customers who repeatedly buy products from certain categories.
    RepeatersIncrease LTVPromotionsProduct launches
  • New buyers who spent above the average order value
    Identify and focus your marketing efforts on new high spending customers to maximize retention from this important segment.
    One-timersPromotionsIncrease LTVRecently purchasedChurn prevention
  • Recent buyers of brand X, Y, or Z
    Create awareness of new product arrivals or run exclusive promos to recent buyers.
    PromotionsProduct launchesRecently purchasedIncrease LTVCross-sell