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Drive repeat sales with Facebook Ads

Reengage with existing customers based on what they bought in the past, their stage in the lifecycle, preferences, spending habits and more.

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The #1 Facebook Custom Audience Builder

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We obsess in doing one thing very well: Hyper-targeted Custom Audiences. Why? Because the best performing campaigns are those where the audience and the message are perfectly aligned.

Slice & dice your database by...

Products, categories & brands purchased in the past
Match your ad creatives with the customer's tastes and preferences. It's the easiest way to create highly relevant campaigns that capture attention and drive engagement.
Stage in the lifecycle
Segment based on parameters like “days since last order” or “number of orders” to separate your active customers from inactive ones and adapt communication strategies accordingly.
Spending habits
With segmentation based on spending habits, you can identify your most valuable customers and treat them like VIP’s. Nurture your relationship with customized rewards and offers to win their hearts.
Tags and attributes
With tagging your possibilities become limitless. Tag customers by attributes like "accept email marketing", "acquisition source" or "last coupon used" and create campaigns accordingly. You set the rules!

“With Relevanzz, we’ve seen 54% revenue growth from past customers. Thanks to increasing Lifetime Value, we can now invest more on customer acquisition.”

― Alexandra Lopez, Brand Manager at Neon Style

Here's how you can use Relevanzz
to grow your e-commerce

Turn one-timers buyers into recurring customers
Cross-sell products related to the last purchase
Maximize exposure of product launches
Run targeted promotions for each customer type
Boost brand awareness & top of mind
Prevent churn and win back lost customers