Increase revenue
from existing customers
with Facebook Ads


Using your transactional & CRM data to create personalized campaigns that are truly relevant to your customers.

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Skip the Email Inbox.
Connect with customers at their favourite social network.

Let's face it, getting customers to read your emails is a struggle. Mailboxes are cluttered with promotions, notifications and other miscelanea that make it hard for your emails to be seen.

But engaging via Facebook & Instagram is different. Your messages will show up in your customer's feed, and your visibility is guaranteed. Plus, you can use a variety of formats like video, carrousels or stories to ensure that your message makes an impact.

Easily slice & dice your data to create meaningful segments

Create any segment imaginable

Identify users with specific buying behaviors, unique attributes or particular tastes. Use filters like types of products purchased in the past, amount spent, or days since last order to send better targeted messages.

No technical knowledge required

Create segments with our easy to use interface. No spreadsheets or SQL required.

Integrate your e-commerce or bring your own data

Use one of our prebuilt e-commerce integrations, or send us your data. We will process it and make it available for you to build your segments.

The perfect message,
for the right customer, at the right time.

Run triggered campaigns

Engage with customers when they meet a predefined criteria and build an automated retention powerhouse.

Run one-time campaigns

Got promotions, new releases or company announcements? Make sure your most important customers know.

Control the tempo and avoid ad fatigue

Be in control of the story by creating sequences of messages. Control the campaign's speed & frequency to stay relevant and beat ad fatigue.

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