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Drive repeat sales
with Facebook Ads

You've spent tons of energy and money to acquire customers. Now maximize their lifetime value engaging on the platforms where your hard-earned customers spend their time: Instagram & Facebook.

Relevanzz integrates with your favourite e-commerce:
Shopify - Woocommerce - Magento

The effective reach
of email marketing is only 10%

As a brand, you are collecting customer emails with every sale. Emails that cannot be used unless you have explicit consent. And then, there’s the Inbox battle where only a fraction of people receiving emails end up opening them.

That’s too many customers left behind. With Facebook Ads and Relevanzz you can retarget by email address, and engage with those folks who don't see your emails.

Average Reach of Email Marketing
Email subscribers & openers
(25% of subscribers)
Email subscribers (40%)
All customers (100%)
Average Reach of Relevanzz & Facebook Ads

Retention Based Advertising
to drive 700% more reach and 500% more revenue*.

*when compared to email marketing.

Key features

Custom Audiences Builder

Custom Audiences Builder
for marketing geeks.

Build powerful audiences using every nitty-gritty customer detail: products bought in the past, spend, recency, customer attributes, and much more.

We make it so easy to build truly relevant campaigns that it feels like cheating. And by the way, your “lookalikes” will be more precise than ever.


Automated engagement with Workflows.

If you are a raving fan of marketing automation and behavioural emails, you’ll love our Workflows for Facebook.

Why? Because it works so well, it consistently outperforms old school email marketing campaigns.

Ad sequences

Ad Sequences.

So you want to engage with folks who haven’t heard from you in weeks. You better warm them up, because a direct sale won’t cut it.

With our drip campaign builder for Facebook, get in control of the story and drive the response you're looking for.

Neon Style testimonial

"We have been using Relevanzz for six months, and our existing customer revenue has grown by 54%.

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― Alexandra Lopez, Brand Manager

Getting started is easy
with our pre-built templates

Start your first campaign from scratch or with one of our pre-built templates.
  • One-time buyers who purchased top selling product X
    Create hyper-targeted campaigns for non repeating customers who bought one of your top-selling products.
    One-timersPromotionsProduct launchesChurn prevention
  • Repeat customers who stopped buying
    Recover loyal customers who, for some reason, have stopped buying.
    ChurnedRepeatersCustomer recovery
  • Loyal customers of products in category X
    Create targeted campaigns for customers who repeatedly buy products from certain categories.
    RepeatersIncrease LTVPromotionsProduct launches
  • New buyers who spent above the average order value
    Identify and focus your marketing efforts on new high spending customers to maximize retention from this important segment.
    One-timersPromotionsIncrease LTVRecently purchasedChurn prevention
  • Recent buyers of brand X, Y, or Z
    Create awareness of new product arrivals or run exclusive promos to recent buyers.
    PromotionsProduct launchesRecently purchasedIncrease LTVCross-sell