Relevanzz funnel

customer loyalty
with Facebook Ads

Use data from existing customers to create hyper-targeted campaigns that improve engagement, loyalty & revenue.

What can you achieve with Relevanzz?

HeartTurn first-time buyers into loyal customers

SubwooferMaximize the exposure of promotions and product launches

RacketCross & Up sell matching products

FishingWin back lost customers

MagnetPrevent churn

Keep in touch with existing customers, one message at a time.

Leverage Facebook Ads as a platform to re-engage, nurture & convert anyone who has already bought from you. Use the same tactics available in email marketing such as behaviour-based automations, drip nurturing or personalized sendouts with private offers.

Relevanzz segmentation

Make your messages feel personal:
Create advanced audiences based on past purchase data.

Relevanzz segmentation machine

any imaginable audience

Identify people with specific buying behaviors, particular tastes or unique attributes with filters such as types of products purchased in the past, amount spent, or days since the last purchase.

at the speed of thought

No more manually uploading customer lists. Streamline your marketing processes and save time by removing manual and repetitive tasks.

No technical
knowledge required

Empower your marketing team to create advanced audiences with an easy-to-use segmentation tool. Get rid of spreadsheets, SQL and requests to data scientists.

Think beyond email.

Reach 10 times more customers

  • checkmark Reach customers that are not subscribed to marketing emails.
  • checkmark Overcome low email open rates, spam folders and promotions tab.
  • checkmark Leverage Facebook advertising algorithms to maximize impact and results.
Email marketing vs Relevanzz Email marketing vs Relevanzz

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