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How to turn one-time buyers into repeaters with Facebook Ads

On average, 60% of e-commerce customers buy once, only to vanish and never buy again. — This number is too big to be ignored. This is what David & Sara from Maquillalia thought. Maquillalia is one of the largest beauty e-retailers in Europe. They have a large inventory of makeup and skincare brands that sell […]

Author's picture Isaac Mayolas

Facebook Ads most underused feature: Custom Audience Lists

We’re in the middle of 2020, and Facebook Custom Audiences is still far underused in comparison to its potential returns. If done right, Facebook Custom Audiences can help us boost Customer Lifetime Value. And with rising costs and competition in Facebook Advertising, this is something that should be higher in your priority list. Here’s why. […]

Author's picture Isaac Mayolas

Public beta

? Hey, this is Isaac, the co-founder at Relevanzz. Thanks for considering joining our public beta program. At Relevanzz, we want to help e-commerce grow their repeat sales with Facebook Ads. You might wonder, but why? I don’t know if you’ll agree, but as marketers, I think we tend to place a disproportionate allocation of resources […]

Author's picture Isaac Mayolas

How to drive customer retention with Facebook Ads

Today, businesses have more data about their customers than ever. For most e-commerce brands, this presents a big opportunity to transform their data into a driver of recurring revenue and long-term growth using paid media channels like Facebook Ads. Untapping a growth opportunity Did you know that it costs five times as much to attract […]

Author's picture Hector Fabregas