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? Hey, this is Isaac, the co-founder at Relevanzz. Thanks for considering joining our public beta program.

At Relevanzz, we want to help e-commerce grow their repeat sales with Facebook Ads.

You might wonder, but why?

I don’t know if you’ll agree, but as marketers, I think we tend to place a disproportionate allocation of resources towards acquisition.

I get it: no acquisition, no growth.

But considering the enormous amounts of time, money, and energy we place into attracting new customers, shouldn’t we continue to engage with them after the first sale? If we want to maximize the revenue per customer, keeping the engagement going is a must.

And when it comes to engaging with existing clients, email marketing is king.

The problem with email marketing

Email is a great channel: it’s free & universal. But you can only engage with people who (1) subscribe to your marketing comms and (2) open your emails.

And the harsh reality is that when you consider the points 1 & 2 above, you realize that only 10% of your customers get to see your emails.

The math is the following: On average, only 40% of customers subscribe to email marketing. And then, amongst subscribers, only 25% open your emails.


Can Facebook Custom Audiences Lists be a more performing alternative than email?

For those of you who do not know, Facebook Custom Audiences Lists is a feature of Facebook Ads where you, as an advertiser, upload a list of email addresses from your customer database. You can then run ads against that list.

This means we can use Facebook Ads as an alternative to email to engage with our customers.

So, you might be wondering whether it’s worth investing resources in Facebook Ads for retention purposes. My colleague and now co-founder Xavier and I embarked one year ago on a mission to learn just that.

We thought that if we applied info Facebook Ads the time-tested email marketing strategies like lead nurturing, drip sequences, and personalized offers, we could help brands improve their retention metrics.

We connected with digital marketers, Facebook Ads specialists, and e-commerce owners in our professional network. We then started experimenting with them to learn how their brands could increase customer lifetime value with Facebook Ads.

The journey has been incredibly insightful, and the results, quite revealing.

First, we learned that by leveraging Facebook Ads, brands could reach 6.5 times more customers than they do with email:

email vs Facebook Ads

This metric is now stuck in my head. I cannot imagine a vital product launch or promotional campaign where email is the primary distribution channel. How could such campaign be a success if only 10% of customers will ever know it exists?

Better reach is a good thing, but the real meat is in the ROI. We’ve got good news here too.

We’ve seen that Retention based Facebook Ads consistently beats the performance of the traditional prospecting and pixel retargeting campaigns.

Furthermore, Facebook Ads have consistently driven more revenue than email marketing.

For example, we run an A/B test with the DTC brand SmileRepublic. We split customers in half and compared the results of a promotional coupon distributed via email marketing vs Facebook Ads. The results: Facebook drove 388% more revenue than the email marketing counterpart.

Or we run a follow-up series on customers who bought for the first time at the beauty e-retailer Maquillalia. The conversion rate from first to second purchase increased by +96%.

We have tens of other examples which we will put together in new posts.

What it takes to succeed with Retention Based Advertising

Well, we realized that success with Retention Based Facebook Advertising is not that difficult. Like any other digital marketing activity, it requires analytical and creative thinking, but that should be fun.

In any case, you don’t need much sophistication, as success really boils down to two pillars:

(1) Customer segmentation: That is creating segments based on the customer’s stage in the lifecycle and preferences. For example, in a sports e-commerce, you’ll want to engage differently with someone who  bought some basketball products 2 days ago and someone who bought swimming stuff a year ago.

(2) Ad creative: Like in prospecting and retargeting, magic happens when proper customer segmentation is aligned with a great ad creative.

Ad creative – That depends on you. Not much we can help here.

Segmentation – Oh, here we can help. A lot.

While experimenting and learning with our guinea pig clients, we learned that customer segmentation is databases is laborious and time-consuming. Excel is is slow, is not quite fit for the purpose and doesn’t scale well beyond 20,000 orders. Other forms of segmentation, like SQL, require complex setups, maintenance, and strong domain-specific knowledge.

And here’s where Relevanzz, the platform we are introducing today, comes in. We have created a Facebook Custom Audiences builder to make it fast, easy, and consistent to build and sync Facebook Custom Audiences.

It is designed for e-commerce and it’s compatible with Shopify and Woocommerce.

The platform enables you to get very specific on whom you want to engage with. Most notoriously, you can segment by people who bought certain products and products belonging to particular categories or brands.

This granularity helps you build highly targeted customer journeys, just like you would do with email automation software.

Putting Relevanzz in your hands

We’ve experimented with Custom Audiences, and we are 100% confident that they will help you increase repeat sales, retention, and lifetime value from your customers.

We’ve made it easy for you to get started and create customer segments in a breeze.

Now, we want to put our product in your hands and in the hands of the most intrepid Facebook Ads experts, e-commerce managers, growth hackers, and digital marketing practitioners.

The product is free during public beta, and our goal is to give you the time and space to experiment with Custom Audiences.

So, if you want to give it a try, you just have to sign-up!

How to join

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